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May 22, 2017

Ah, beautiful weather at last! Time to get outside and take care of the lawn and garden. The outside seems to take precedence over inside dining this time of year, but remember that Ten Depot Street can prepare anything on our menu for take-out. Many of our customers take advantage of that service.

For music this week, Thursday, May 25, we have the Blue Plate Special, a La Grande Bluegrass Band organized by David and Carla Arnold. Like our own Blue Plate Special at the restaurant, there is a lot of variety. They perform traditional and contemporary selections, augmented by an occasional old-time Irish tune. According to Carla, you can expect "high energy instrumentals, train songs, songs about murder and lost love, and the occasional ballad."

We also have some exciting local and fresh ingredients that we are using in our specials this week. We have fresh rhubarb from chef Bill Monda's garden which we will be making into desserts. (Warm Rhubarb Buckle is my favorite.) And we have beautiful local Morel Mushrooms, which we saut'e and and serve as an appetizer or a side with any meal. This is a great way to experience these gourmet delights without traipsing through the woods. Although if you have the time and energy, that is fun too. And for our salad on the Blue Plate we have freshly grown greens from Nella Mae's Farm. Nella Mae's Farm also sells at the LaGrande Farmer's Market, which had an extremely successful opening last Saturday.

And will have fresh halibut from Alaska again this week-end. We got some last week-end and it was beautiful. We still have a few orders left for tonight.

Blue Plate Special at Tend Depot

Blue Plate Special

Braised Prime Rib with Mushrooms, noodles, spring salad, bread.
(served Monday through Friday)


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