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Wait! Did you check out our Ten Depot Market? Desserts, sauces, all your favorite salad dressings, oodles of soup & BEER.

How to Order Your Favorite Ten Depot Meals

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Pick-up your order from our drive-thru. Simply enter the alley from Depot Street and find the drive through window in the bakery behind the restaurant facing 4th Street (1809 4th Street).

Sustainable Takeout!

Try our reusable containers available for take-out


We are excited to offer take-out during these times, and help reduce our waste by trying our reusable containers! We charge a $1 deposit for each container, and when you return it to the restaurant, we’ll cycle them back through.Simply return your clean containers when you pick up your order, and we will add them to our cycle of returnables.

We are using mason jars for soups, sauces, beer and mixed drinks. For menu items, we have durable plastic contain- ers. These can be used in the microwave or freezer. call or email with any questions.

Take-out Menu

October 23-October 25

Fresh Halibut, Roast Beef Sunday Dinner and Pumpkin Pie!


Cajun Sauce

8oz $5 | 16oz $9 | 32oz $16

Alfredo Sauce

8oz $5 | 16oz $9 | 32oz $16


Salsa 16oz $5 | 32oz $10


Soup D'Jour - To Go

8oz $5 | 16oz $8 | 32 oz $15


You might have gotten a bit more chef-y these days, but are you really trying to make your own ranch? All your Ten Depot faves are here and waiting for you to pick up….and made by professionals.


8oz $4 | 16oz $7 | 32 oz $14

Green Goddess

8oz $4 | 16oz $7 | 32 oz $14

Thai Peanut

8oz $4 | 16oz $7 | 32 oz $14


8oz $4 | 16oz $7 | 32 oz $14


8oz $5 | 16oz $8 | 32 oz $15


Our Very Best Chocolate Cake


Chocolate Apricot Torte, GF





Slice $4, 4-servings $12

Available Sunday

Draft Beer

$3/16 oz or $5/32oz

Ask about our current selection

Bottled Beer


Take-out Friday, Saturday and Sunday 5pm-8pm


Bacon Cheddar Potato Fritters


Oregon Bay Shrimp Cocktail


Peel and Eat Shrimp

1/4lb--$4 / 1/2lb--$8

Cheese and Veggie Plate


our take-out version of our beloved relish tray, with marinated mushrooms and Sandy's pickled Asparagus

Cream of Broccoli and Mushroom

cup $5 bowl $8 quart $15


Taco Salad


with choice of beef or chicken


small $7 entree $10

add chicken or Oregon bay shrimp $3



Caesar add $1

Philly Cheese Steak


Slow roasted beef with sautéed peppers and onions

Thai Cod


Lentil Burger


Entrees of Distinction
Served with soup or salad, and your choice of baked potato, steamed red potatoes, wild rice pilaf or fettuccine alfredo, and steamed vegetables

Crab-Stuffed Halibut


Fresh Halibut in Bill's popular dish

Mushroom Tenderloin


Linguini with Italian Sausage and Roasted Vegetables


with soup or salad


Small Plate $12 Entre $18

Thai Cod

Small Plate $12 Entre $18

Blue Plate $12


with green salad and sourdough bread

Sunday Night Family Style $30

Roast Beef

with roasted rosemary potatoes, roasted vegetables and a Caesar salad

serves 4


$4 Slice / Whole Pie, serves 4 $12

Yes, it’s definitely the same menu as the one at the top.

Thank you for supporting us! It's really a pleasure to make food for you.

Serving Our La Grande Community for Over 30 Years!


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